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The Drip Drop

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Get in Squares!

We're dropping some newness for the spring, restocking a fan fav, introducing it in a new color Annnnnnd offering size 2X in the newer styles. Welcome to the Drip Drop!


The Ave Dress

A vegan leather shirt dress with a peekaboo cut out. Intellectual cool with the right amount of sexy.


The Flap Jack

Oversized 4 pocket dark denim jacket with faux pocket flap detail. Wear it layered on top of more denim, a slim easy dress like Carries Dress or even as a dress itself, setting the "Dracket" trend before everyone else does!


Jym Pant

Your fav is making a comeback. And she's bringing a friend! Stay tuned for the new color coming for spring.

So, yeah. We've been busy! The new styles will be available soon. So keep your eye out! Make sure you sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Ciao Squares!


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