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Essentials : Thee Cool Suit

Goodbye dry stuffy corporate suits in bla colors and eh shapes! Power Suits are reinventing themselves into the Cool Suit.

As silhouette are moving away from the body and becoming more and more relaxed, the Power Suit is doing the same. Boxy relaxed fits team up with power colors or prints instead are really where it’s at when it comes to the future of suits. What’s amazing is that Power Suits used to be only high end. The Cool Suit is more accessible, more approachable and can be a mix of high and low and still be cool and on trend. Tone on tone or monochromatic, blouse matching the suit. WOW!

Dropped shoulders and cinched waists. YES!

Wide legs and short lengths. Give us more!

Short skirts under a long jacket, sleeves scrunched up. Sis. Do that!

Uncle Charles‘s old suit with Dads old wool coat thrown over top. LIVING!

Vegan Leather suits. Yes ma’am!!

Not a hoodie underneath?! Yes! A hoodie underneath!

Sneakers too? Yes please!

The Cool Suit is taking its place as the new fashion staple. Take a look at our favorite Cool Suit looks and peep the Bid’nas Jacket and Test Skirt worn together as a bomb denim duo! We’ve got some Coo[L] developments in the works for our own addition to

the Cool Suit trend that we think you’re gonna love but you gotta wait for the next style drop to see it. 😉

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