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Welcome Back Wide Leg!

They say the Skinny leg is dead. But is it really? I think, more than the skinny leg being dead, the Wide Leg is finally having its moment!

My fashion formative years were growing up in the Bronx in the 90’s so I couldn’t be more happy about the return of the Wide Leg. In High School I used to wear my grungy wide leg jeans under a form fitting spandex dress with zippers. I was so fly! You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t cool! 😌

The updated Wide Leg from my youth is much more grown up now. They can be worn slouchy and cool with your favorite comfy sweater half tucked in. They come in vegan leather options for a sophisticated, ”I’m an adult now and I have money...” cool look. They’re cropped. They have really amazing racing stripes down the outseam annnnnnd inseam (ahem!!! JYMPANT!......) They can be super wide or ever so gently coming away from your ankles. Im so ready for the Wide Leg to be everywhere! and so is Square L7! The Jym Pant is restocked and almost ready to go! Keep your eyes peel for the Spring update! 😎

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