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Grown Folks Talking with Alona V.

Flap Jacket worn double as a belted dress and a jacket

We hung out with Alona V. in the South Bronx earlier last week, got her to play dress up in the new Square L7 Style Drops and had some Grown Folks talk over Brunch and cocktails. Now, you know: When Grown woman get together and there are cocktails involved? The talk is gonna be good! We both actually went to elementary and middle school together so we go way back. More than anything it was cool to catch up on life and the joys and complications of Motherhood and careers and relationships.

Ave Dress: Vegan Leather, belted dress

Now. Let me tell you about Alona. This woman is a force! Not only is she an amazing Mother, she is an incredible and dedicated Educator, Motivational Influencer and business H'woman! She's got so much drive you just know whatever she does she will succeed at it!

Flap Jacket: Denim Shirt style jacket

Alona has this really great Podcast on You Tube called Grown Dating Talk where she host mature and honest conversations between the genders. Guest and viewers alike share their dating stories: The good. The bad and the ugly! And if you're throwing up yellow and red flag behaviors and mindsets, Alona V. is gonna call you out on it! With her podcast Grown Dating Talk, she is committed to addressing dysfunctional dating habits and promoting important conversations on what adult dating life is like.

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Your girl is tackling conversations like Dating outside of your religion, Setting boundaries and enforcing them, Fourplay ('cous we Grown, Ok!), Emotional cheating and even Friendships between opposite sexes.

Ave Dress: Vegan Leather, belted dress

Grown Dating Talk is on it's second season and you can check it out every Friday at 8pm on You Tube.

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