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Keeping it Minimal, Cool and Sleek

The Little Black Dress has always pretty much been synonymous with the words “Classic“ and “Chic”. But us Squares are now making room for the LBD to be in the same realm as “Cool“. Lowering the hemline to hit at non traditional lengths. Loosening up the waistline so that it’s just skimming the body or better still, flowing and relaxed. Why can’t we have a hoodie? Or wear it with our favorite tee that we got that one time at that beach in Ibiza? We Squares are wearing the LBD with our Dr. Martens or white sneakers. And we love interesting shapes or necklines, cutouts or design details. We’ll try the whole sexy thing by showing a little skin but we’d rather keep it low key so maybe a little leg but covered all the way up on top. Or bare shoulders with a lengthy hem. Either way, the key word is comfort and chill. Carries Dress is the perfect minimalistic sleek dress. A silk organza hoodie on top worn with ankle boots would make it the ultimate Cool Girl look!

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